Silk scarf, hand rolled, 130x130cm

In the myths of Mediterranean cultures of Ancient Greek and Rome seahorses were harnesse
into the chariots of sea gods, and that's why, as an attribute of Greek sea god Poseidon
(in roman mythology – Neptun), they symbolized water.
On top of this positive meaning, seahorses were considered to safely bring the dead into Hades.
Seahorses remain being the symbol of good luck for fishermen, while in superstitious folk imaginations to this meaning was added the defense from fever.
Their unique image made Chinese people see in them the descendants of dragons.

Морские Коньки
В мифах средиземноморских культур Древней Греции и Рима морскими коньками были запряжены колесницы
морских богов, а потому, как атрибут греческого морского бога Посейдона (в римской мифологии Нептуна), они
символизировали воду.


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